radon mitigation


The problem which is rising for a few years is pollution. The atmosphere is completely polluted by the development of industries and new technologies. But before we talk about the problem we should talk about the cause first.

Radon is produced by the breaking down of uranium. Uranium is a radioactive element which is found in the soil. If your home or Working place is built upon the soil which contains uranium then there is a huge probability that your breathing zone contains radon.

What is radon?

Radon is a radioactive element which is also known as one of the members of the noble gas family. Other members of its family are radioactive as well. The nature of this element is that,
•Radon is naturally found in the gas form.
•Radon is tasteless (if your drinking water contains radon you might not be able to tell after tasting it)
•Radon is colourless (if from some cracks in the wall, radon us spreading you might not see it because of its invisible nature)
•Radon is odourless radon mitigation( if your atmosphere contains radon you cannot tell because it do not have any distinguishable smell)

Now you might ask how to know if our breathing zone or our drinking water contains radon? Answer us simple “Radon Test”. The Radon Mitigation is the name of an experiment performed do check that if your atmosphere contains any radioactive element or not. This type of test kits is available in market at a low price. Any person can buy these test kits and check that is there environment is save or not.

Mitigation system in your home:

Another way to find out is by getting the help from professionals. Many organizations all around the country are offering their help at low prices to check your, if breathing zone is safe or not. Drinking water is tested by sending a sample to the laboratory. Just collect some water from your tap and send that to the laboratory. Then the assistants will do some tests to determine the level of radon.After the test step is done the final step is radon mitigationsystem.

In fact, Radon mitigation is the name of the process of installing mechanisms that will make your atmosphere radon free. These machines are installed by professionals only to make sure that there is no error. There are few types of radon mitigation systems. Every person can choose a system which suits there lifestyle and budget. Following are details some of these systems.

•Exterior Installed Radon Mitigation System: These type of radon mitigation system is installed exterior of the house or working place.

•Attic Installed Radon Mitigation System: This sort of radon mitigation system is installed in the attic of the building.

• Passive Radon Mitigation System: Passive radon mitigation system contains a layer which prevents radon to transfer to the building from soil.

•Radon Mitigation System for Crawlspace: Radon can spread in crawlspaces by transferring from floorboards. To prevent this, crawlspaces mitigation system is used.

Tips for Installing Radon Mitigation System:
•Recheck if your atmosphere contains radon. This might cost a little but what if your first test contained some error? Retesting is less expensive than installing radon mitigation system.