Cabot floor cleaner

Timber flooring is awesome, you must agree. The natural appeal, the natural smell, and the elegance surpass every other flooring material. Moreover, you can get them in a variety of designs and colors though most of the users love the natural look.So, you don’t even need to put a carpet on the floor. You would love to flaunt the floor. It is not only beautiful and appealing, but also durable and robust.You can keep any amount of weight on it and also use it extensively. It is not likely to worsen. However, it does need maintenance. So keep handy different cabot floor cleaner products since these are specifically made for timber floor.

The maintenance ritual

Yes,it is like a ritual. Wood floors may be prone to chipping and scratching. You need to fix these as soon as you notice them. For this you can use touch uppens from ca bot. You can seal the chips and scratches on wooden flooring as well as wooden furniture with the help of such touch up pens. You need to dot hese religiously. Otherwise, these imperfections may lead to bigger damages.

Chips and scratches apart, you need to apply floor polishes to keep the timber floors looking natural. You also need to use Cabot floor cleaner from time to time to keep grease and grime off the floors. However, it is not only grease and grime and spot, the great looking natural timber floors are often affected by foul smell. You need to prevent these floors from acquiring unpleasant odors. It might also happen that the floor should get discolored. In that case you should use proper Cabot floor cleaner or polish or touch up pen to restore the color and appeal.

Be aware of pet urine

If you have a dog or a cat at home, you need to doubly make sure that it is noturinating on the floor. If it ever does so, you must cleanse the area fast,otherwise the area would not only fade away, but also grow a strong odor. To prevent this you need to soak up the urine as soon as notice it. Soak it up completely. Once it is completely wiped off,wipe the area with ample amount of citrus flavored Cabot floor cleaner.This will leave a pleasant smell in the room. But before that if you notice any discoloration, do use some king of polish or touch up pen to rejuvenate the floor material. You would really love the restoration job. Nevertheless, if you notice the incident late, you need to act smart. After mopping up the rest of pet urine, pour some vinegar or a floor cleaner on the area. Slowly it will take up the smell of the solution. Now mop up the area once again and rub the area with floor cleaning oil to polish the areas. Also use something like a touch up pen to make up for the damage. You can use these products even on your timber furniture. You can use them for deck cleaning and washing too apart from floor cleaning.