Reasons why cats are known to sleep much?

The mention of cat brings forth memories of a cut creature. But it does bring along with it a reputation of being aloof. Cat food and sleep have a unique relationship. They are known to be sleeping for a considerable degree of time during the day. The numbers would surprise you as some go on to sleep 15 hours a day and the older cats around 20 hours daily. For this reason, let us cast our mind to the question of why cats are known to sleep so much. Surprisingly they are not going to undertake a lot of work during the day as well.

Cat food

They are great hunts but no utilization

There happen to be no surprises that cats are one of the eventful hunters.  They do not put that skill to use at all.Before many years they did put to use their hunting powers. But now it would be all about chasing a prey. They do not like to waste their energy by hunting.For this reason, they need a proper reason to recover and wait for the next hunting session. They do possess killer DNA and before hunting they need rest.

 They are not always sleeping but sometimes they do chill out

 Cats are not going to sleep at all times, as sometimes they might be just chilling.Ideally, it means that they are relaxing. They do take advantage of the time and utilize it for relaxing. With this activity, they have an extra advantage.They are able to gain back their energy levels by merely sleeping. During this phase of relaxation, they are able to figure out things around them.

The old cats would need more sleep

 The younger lot of cats sleep for 15 hours, but the older ones would need around 20 hours of sleep. The reason being to recover their energy older cats needs time.  They do not like to run a lot and by sleeping they regain their lost energy.

Things do become boring for cats

Just as boredom strikes a man so is the same case with cats. If a human being has a boring feel they take time off and relax. The same philosophy applies in case of cats. Once you leave them alone feeling of boredom automatically comes upon them. For this reason, this feeling takes over them. What you can do would be to buy a pair of cat toys.

 Health aspect

 One of the main reasons why cats love sleeping could emerge due to their health. If you figure out that the cat would be prone to excessive sleeping, it means that they are facing some health issues. If something occurs with their health, they take a nap to recover from the same.

 Too much weight

As per research inputs, a point of consideration would be that cats are over weight. It would be really difficult to move around with such a body. This same policy applies in case of these creatures and they need rest.